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We offer traditional and creative IT services and solutions for businesses.

Our services are designed to meet and exceed the needs of most small business organizations. By leveraging our experience of working with large enterprises, we have tailored and created an effective framework and assessment program for small business cyber security.

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Home Network Assessment for Work-From-Home Employees
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Web Application Testing

We offer cost-effective solutions to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals to ensure that your specific cyber security needs are met, and that your clients and your organization are protected from hackers who search for easy data targets.

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Working Remotely Is the New Normal

We help ensure that your organizational intellectual property stays protected and secure through:

  • Penetration Testing - Using the same techniques and technology used by large enterprises, we conduct vulnerability assessments of home and SOHO networks.
  • Education - With our custom security awareness online training, your employees have a place to learn best practices and ask questions to get the information they need to make appropriate decisions while working with company data and intellectual property.
  • Web App Testing - Most web sites that are built on Content Management frameworks such as WordPress are vulnerable to malware and a variety of other attacks. Let us help you secure your site and maintain your reputation.


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